Who Is Paul Wesley Dating Now 2020?

Who did Paul Wesley date on Vampire Diaries?

Phoebe Tonkin Phoebe played the role of Hayley Marshall on The Vampire Diaries series.

Paul dated Phoebe on-and-off for four years until they broke up in 2017.

But before their break up, Phoebe revealed she was smitten with Paul to Elle Canada saying, “He’s my best friend..

Is Paul Wesley married now?

Ines de Ramonm. 2019Torrey DeVittom. 2011–2013Paul Wesley/Spouse

Who is Nina Dobrev Dating 2020?

Nina Dobrev is sending her boyfriend Shaun White some love on his birthday.

Did anyone from Vampire Diaries dated in real life?

Dobrev has also remained on good terms with Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries. Elena and Damon ended up dating on the series, and Dobrev and Somerhalder dated in real life from 2011 to 2013. See more in the video below.

Are Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder still friends?

Somerhalder and Wesley worked closely together on the show during the eight-season run. They also developed a close personal relationship outside of work. Now, they have partnered again on a new project, which Somerhalder revealed to Kelly Clarkson while on her Feb. 24 show.

Is Paul Wesley single 2020?

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley flashes his megawatt smile while enjoying a day at the beach in Malibu with new wife Ines de Ramon. He definitely had his daylight ring on. … Paul was joined by his wife Ines, whom he married in 2019.

Who all did Paul Wesley date?

Dating History 4#PartnerEnd4Ines de Ramonpresent3Phoebe TonkinOct 20172Torrey DeVitto23rd Dec 20131Marnette Patterson2005

Did Damon and Elena have kids?

Damon Salvatore has been as generous as he can be, but he and Elena have kids of their own that they need to take care of.” … In both alternate dimensions, Damon and Elena have at least one child and are alive and well – if not well off – living in Mystic Falls.

Why did Nina leave the show?

In an Instagram post shared by the 31-year-old actress, after saying goodbye to the show, she stated that she decided to leave it because she felt like Elena’s journey had come to an end. … The actress stated that she wasn’t sure whether or not she would land a job after The Vampire Diaries.

Has Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley dated?

While Paul and Nina never dated, he did get together with another one of his co-stars. In fact, Nina recently revealed that she hated Paul Wesley during the first five months they shot The Vampire Diaries. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t getting love from Phoebe Tonkin, his co-star beau.

Why did Ian Somerhalder break up with Nina?

13 The Day They Broke Up, Somerhalder Had An Interesting Post On Social Media. It’s believed that Dobrev wasn’t ready to settle, and she said on multiple occasions that she was career-oriented before anything else. The day they split, Somerhalder posted a rather cryptic message on social media ‘A THOUGHT FOR TODAY.

Did Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev date?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were dating for a long time during their shoot of The Vampire Diaries series. Fans of the show were heartbroken to know that the couple had broken up after the 6th season. … Ian Somerhalder’s wife Nikki Reed met Ian 6 months before they got married.

Why didn’t Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev get along?

“Because everyone thought that we had such good chemistry.” Dobrev says that she realizes now that there’s “a fine line between love and hate.” “And we despised each other so much, that it read as love,” Dobrev laughs. “We really just didn’t get along the first maybe five months of shooting.”

Did Phoebe and Paul have a baby?

Wesley was married to actress Torrey DeVitto, his co-star in the 2007 film Killer Movie, between 2011 and 2013. That summer, he began dating recurring The Vampire Diaries actress Phoebe Tonkin. … They got married in 2015 and welcomed daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder in 2017.