Quick Answer: Is It Better To Speak Or To Die?

Why does Elio say traitor?

In the book, Elio calls Oliver a traitor because he broke his promise to Elio: “I’ll stick around.” I took it to mean that Elio thought Oliver was out sexing up some girl..

Why is call me by your name so good?

Overall, the thing that makes Call Me By Your Name one of the best love stories of all time, (and easily my favorite love story of all time), is its originality. … Elio and Oliver never utter the words “I Love You” throughout the film because they don’t have to.

Why does Elio vomit?

He was just very drunk, and very drunk in love with Oliver, and he was just admiring him dance and enjoy himself knowing Oliver was his – and then he threw up.

Will there be a Cmbyn 2?

Following its success and awards love (including an Oscar win for Best Adapted Screenplay), director Luca Guadagnino has confirmed that he is in fact working on a sequel.

Why do they call each other by their names Cmbyn?

The film’s title alludes to Oliver and Elio’s loving pact to call each other by their own names, recognising that, as Guadagnino put it in a Q&A: “The other person makes you beautiful – enlightens you, elevates you.” This idea stems ultimately from Aristotle’s views on “true” friendship, but it echoes down the …

How old is Elio in Cmbyn?

17-year-oldThe Oscar-nominated film “Call Me by Your Name” is a coming-of-age story about a 17-year-old named Elio and his brief romance with a 24-year-old grad student, Oliver, who comes to work with Elio’s father.

Why did Elio cry in the Peach scene?

If you want the reason from the book, Oliver actually eats the peach and then Elio breaks down and cries because he didn’t know how else to show his gratitude. Basically, what breaks Elio is the fact that Oliver cares for him so much that he’s willing to (and enjoys!) eating the peach.

Why does Elio cry after the Peach scene?

In the book he cries out of gratitude, being overwhelmed with love; in the movie it’s because he doesn’t want to lose Oliver. …

What did Elio write in his notebook?

When Elio finishes and Oliver asks him to play the piece again, Elio says, “I thought you hated it.” Oliver looks over like he’s wondering if he heard that right, and Elio gives him those quick little nods (one of my favorite Elio moments.) …

Why did Elio put Olivers shorts?

Elio is a typically moody teenager: restless, virginal, and grappling with coming of age just as his same-sex feelings are unexpectedly stirred. When Elio puts a pair of Oliver’s shorts over his head, soaking in the scent of the object of his desire, it is a striking and telling moment of self-discovery for the youth.

Why does Elio look at the camera at the end?

The whole film is shot so that we become a “fly on the wall” just observing his story as he experiences it (or retells it as was done in the book). When he looks into the camera at the end it’s almost as if he’s finally acknowledging that he knew we were there all along…

Did Oliver really love Elio?

We really can’t.” Despite Oliver’s decision, his love for Elio endures. When they meet again 15 years later, Oliver says to Elio, “Cor Cordium, heart of hearts, I’ve never said anything truer in my life to anyone.”

Is it better to speak or die origin?

“Is it better to speak or to die?”, Elio’s mother (Amira Casar) reads from a German translation of Marguerite of Navarre’s Heptaméron, and this question — as well as the question of translation — informs the entirety of Call Me By Your Name.

Is it better to speak or die quote German?

“Ich bitte euch, rattet mir was besser ist, reden oder sterben?” Translation: “I bid you, tell me what is better: to speak or to die?”

Does Elio and Oliver end up together?

It tells the story of him falling in love with a younger woman. Then the book jumps to Elio, who is living in Paris and begins dating an older man named Michel. … So at the very end of the book (like, with 10 pages to spare), Elio and Oliver do, in fact, end up together.

Is Elio sick in Cmbyn?

Elio’s nose bleeding happens all the time and there’s nothing to worry about. and the vomiting is caused by being drunk; in the book they were drinking martinis in rome.

What does call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine mean?

The book’s title, Call Me by Your Name, is something Oliver implores Elio to do after the two have had sex, and comes from a desire to blur boundaries between the self and other. … His desire is rooted both in the fact that he wants to be him as much as he wants to be with him.

What song does Elio play on guitar?

Capriccio in B flat major2-Capriccio in B flat major – On The Departure of a Brother – BWV 992 by Johann Sebastian Bach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRE-k5wvsZc (the song that Elio plays on the guitar, that Oliver wants to listen to again. Elio plays it slower in the film.)