Question: What Happens To Ben In Siren?

Do Ben and Ryn have baby?

In the next episode “Sacrifice”, Maddie and Ben learn that she could not conceive a baby on land, but they have a new plan: IVF (in vitro fertilization) where the scientists at the military research facility extract eggs from Ryn, get them fertilized, and have her baby grow inside of her..

Does Ben in Siren become a mermaid?

After his mother Elaine’s treatment with the stem cells were terminated, Ben decides to dig up the half-transformed mermaid that was buried in “The Arrival” and starts injecting himself with the mermaid stem cells to test the side effects does to human beings. He has discovered that the cut on his hand has healed.

Who is Ryn baby daddy siren?

Mate is an merman that Ryn brings to land to replace Levi, in order to conceive a child and to preserve the population of her kind. He is portrayed by Aryeh-Or.

Can a siren fall in love?

Sirens can appear as they wish, but their true visage is that of a pale humanoid with hollow eyes and mouth that appears fused shut. Sirens can manipulate feelings of love, whether sexual or platonic, and causes its victims to kill someone they love.

Is Ben’s mom a mermaid?

Xander and Ryn are both coping with a lost family member, Maddie’s mother comes back into her life, Ben’s essentially under siren song mind-control, and Helen reveals herself to be one-eighth mermaid.

Do Ryn and Ben sleep together?

Heartbreaking to see her and Ben in a fight. Just so clear that Ben does care for her a great deal, like she does for him. Ryn falls into bed with her mate, advised by Maddie to show him how to make love on land like they showed her. A tender, beautiful scene.

What happened to Helen’s parents on siren?

Daphne Hawkins was the mother of Helen Hawkins, who had died years ago prior to the series. … It was revealed Daphne died from old age at the age of ninety. Her husband was revealed to have been human, which caused major friction between her and the group as consorting and marrying humans was strictly forbidden.

Is Helen on siren a mermaid?

There’s also the mysterious Helen Hawkins, who knows more about mermaids than she lets on. In fact, she is part mermaid, a fact that is revealed to Ben and Maddie and the audience at the end of the first season.

Who does Ben end up with in Siren?

So much has changed for Ryn, Ben, and Maddie in the aftermath of their incident with Ian in last season’s Siren finale. Ben and Maddie are done romantically, but both still have a close relationship with Ryn.

Is Maddie’s mom a siren?

Garcelle Beauvais has joined Season 2 of Freeform’s mermaid thriller drama Siren in a recurring role. … Garcelle plays Susan Bishop, Maddie’s (Evans-Akingbola) mom and Dale’s (Gil Birmingham) wife, who abandoned her family for the past ten months. She is back in Bristol Cove and ready to make amends with her family.

Can mermaids mate with humans?

Mermaids are closely related to humans – so close that the two can interbreed. Mermaids, by definition, are female, so breeding became a little difficult after conflict with humans wiped out all the males.

Does Maddie die on siren?

Maddie ended up dying while they were trying to escape and Ryn was taken by the military. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that all of the negative events were just Ben’s worst-case scenario playing out in his mind as he decides whether or not to save Ian.

Does Xander die on siren?

Xander and Calvin were left to die on a burning boat, and Sarge may be dead! We saw him get badly cut at the end of the episode and we have been praying to all the ocean gods that these magical healing properties everyone’s talking about with the sirens will be enough to heal Sarge.

What episode does Maddie die in Siren?

In the Season 2 finale, it was implied that she was killed by shots fired from military soldiers, who were trying to abduct Ryn, but was only in a premonition seen by Ben. Even though she is now in a relationship with Robb, it does not change how Ryn is special to her.

Does Ryn get pregnant in Siren?

Unfortunately, even after all that, Ryn couldn’t get pregnant. The pollution in the water makes it impossible for them to reproduce. Maddie: I think we found out why and the others aren’t getting pregnant.